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We are happy to provide you with access to images for promoting your upcoming meeting or event at Pinehurst. Use of Pinehurst images is subject to the following Rules and Regulations:

  • Pinehurst images in this gallery are copyrighted and/or Federally Registered Trademarks of Pinehurst LLC. Please note on any printed material the proper copyright.
  • Each specific usage of our image must be approved by Pinehurst and is granted for one time usage only. Any additional usage is solely prohibited unless otherwise granted by Pinehurst LLC.
  • Photos cannot be used in any commercial context to co-brand or endorse any product. This includes books, calendars, websites, or video production beyond news or education. Image use is granted for informational purposes only. Any other use is strictly prohibited and is subject to licensing fees.
  • Any use of our images on products such as luggage, clothing, cups, bags, etc. must be approved and purchased through Pinehurst's retail department.
  • Any use of Pinehurst images, other than those listed above, must be approved by Pinehurst LLC's Marketing Department.
  • Pinehurst LLC reserves the right to deny usage of our image at any time.

We appreciate your understanding of these stipulations as we aim to uphold the image and high standards of our award-winning resort.

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